Obtain Uniform Colour Standards

Saxon Digital Services have recognised that, whilst new technology has introduced affordable and accessible print production, only a very few print companies with this portfolio of equipment are able to offer a total solution that includes control of the output colour. The problem is that this lack of control can cause huge variation in your print / brand colours, and therefore your marketing integrity.

It is with passion that we deliver uniform colour standards, very few companies provide solutions that can control projects and presses resulting in huge variations in print and brand colours thus damaging companies marketing integrity. Saxon provide the solution to avoid inconsistency, contact us on 01603 789 560 or email us for more information.

Different Printers & Presses, same results

Our colour and quality management systems include the precise measuring of output devices and their calibration, ensuring all print reproduces consistently across a vast range of processes, equipment and locations.

If you use a supplier for Lithography, Gravure, Toner digital, Solvent digital or UV digital, we can fingerprint the selected output and create a master file for each device, assuring quality and total colour management for your brand identity.

Please feel free to contact us for a complementary demonstration of our colour management systems at info@saxondigitalservices.co.uk.