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Photo satin 240gsm is a paper with a lustre finish, it is bright white with an ultrasmooth finish. The brilliant white paper creates an exceptionally vibrant and vivid colour reproduction of your digital file. Satin offers a good compromise between glare, colour range and durability.

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Finish: Satin with Ultrasmooth Finish
Paper Colour: Brilliant White
Weight: 240gsm
Longevity: 2 to 5 years dependant on
Reflective Qualities: Mid Reflection
Photographic and fine art reproduction
Graphic Art Reproduction
Illustration reproduction
Photo Restoration
Digital Art
Black & White and Colour Photography
Presentation Prints
Exhibition Prints
Photo Albums
Greetings Cards and Postcards

Supplier Description

Photo satin or lustre papers offer a good compromise between glare, colour range and durability. With a colour range to match that of the glossy paper, you can be sure you are getting the full vividness of the print but at the same time reducing the glare it may not completely eliminate but it is not an issue except under the most extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles.
A bright white satin finish true photo paper featuring a SuperDry microporous coating on a double-side coated PE photobase paper.
Superfast drying times with all leading waterbased inkjet inks.
Photo quality print output and a low reflective satin finish surface this is also our best value true photopaper.
Excellent print, drying, handling and lamination qualities.
The base paper is sourced from certified managed forests.


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